Christmas Aistear 2018

Wow! We have been having so much fun this month during aistear! We actually have a North Pole in our classroom and it is pretty exiting!

Here are the stations we are doing this month:

1. Fine Motor Play
We have been using the magnets and the gears to make super special toy machines to help Santy make his toys!

We have been cutting, glueing, colouring, stencilling & sticking this month! We are all making our own wonderful unique Christmas creations!

Literacy station

We can make loads of words now with all the sound we know. We have been making Christmas tree words this month!

​Construction station

We have been exploring building using junk. We have created all sorts of interesting Christmas creations from Santys workshop to toy machines to jet packs that shoot out toys!

The North Pole

Poor Santy is sound asleep trying to build up his energy for Christmas eve so we have been doing all sorts of jobs to accommodate him! Mrs Claus cooks & cleans and makes sure the elves are fed and watered! The elves are building all the toys and organising letters for Santy.


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