Pupils at C.B.S Ennis

Welcome to our Wonderful School!

CBS Primary has been delivering high quality education to the children of Ennis for a very long time. For 190 years, in fact. The first Christian Brothers were sent here by Edmund  Rice himself.

It’s difficult to comprehend just how long ago that is. The Napoleonic wars had just finished a few years earlier. Cars had not been invented yet. Slavery still existed in the United States. In Ireland, Daniel O’Connell was arguing for Catholic Emancipation.

Ennis was a very different place back then. Even before the Great Famine several decades later, poverty and death were a common feature of the area, with potato crops failing 8 out of the 10 years during the 1820’s. It was with this backdrop that the Brothers brought education to the poor and deprived. They believed in the right of every child to an education regardless of their background, a tradition of inclusion that proudly continues today.

Our high quality teachers continually strive to provide the students with a broad and balanced education. The parents are completely committed and supportive. The Board of Management is innovative and hard working. We are blessed with our SNA’s and ancillary staff.

Principal C.B.S Ennis

However, the most special thing about this school is the students. They are a constant source of joy. They are talented, polite, intelligent, funny, diligent and well behaved. They deserve every advantage in life that we as a school community can afford them.

I hope you enjoy this website and use it to follow the many developments and achievements yet to come.

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