2 pupils in classrom at C.B.S Ennis

Building Bridges is a whole school approach to the teaching of reading in C.B.S. Primary.  From when your child starts with us in Junior Infants, they will begin to explore different strategies of comprehension.  The aim of this is to enable your child to become a self-regulated, strategic reader.

There are nine strategies in this programme and the children are taught a hand signal for each one.

1. Prediction
Thinking about what might happen

2. Visualisation
Creating images in our mind in response to the text

3. Making Connections
Thinking about how the text relates to your own life

4. Questioning
Asking questions about the text before, during and after reading

5. Clarifying
Asking for further explanation

6. De-clunking
The different strategies you use to figure out a word

7. Inferring
Reading between the lines

8. Determining Importance
Figuring out the most important aspects of the text

9. Synthesising
Combining all the different strategies to construct your own meaning of the text

Infographic to illustarte Bridges of Understanding

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