You Got A Friend In Me

As a Christian Brother school, we strongly believe in creating a caring community within our school. A few years ago, we set up a Buddy System between our 6th classes and Junior Infant classes and it’s still going strong!

Every few weeks, we do fun lessons with our buddies such as art, maths trails, writing and reading.

When we are leaving the school grounds, the 6th class buddies always look after their junior infant. Its lovely to see them holding hands and chatting as we get to our destination.

Often, buddies get to visit each others classroom to show each other work they are proud of, as a reward for good behaviour, to tell them a story and sometimes just to have a chat!

For our 6th class students, it develops a sense of responsibility, gives them confidence and teaches them new skills.

The junior infants love to see their buddies coming to visit and they especially love bumping into them outside of the classroom. They learn from their buddies and often we find that they can do some teaching to!

For parents, it is reassuring to see their child being looked after and developing new friendships within the school. Through this system, parents can see that their child is part of our wider school community and will always be cared for in the CBS.

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